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Sanyo's Value

Sanyo's Value


With Sanyo Management Co., Ltd., as its nucleus, the Sanyo Groupfs aim is to be able to introduce a variety of products from Japan. This includes products such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and heath food in relation with the Pharmaceuticals Affairfs Law and Food Sanitation Law also leading to an universal understanding between the nations of the world, acting as a citizen in the business.

In dealing with business, we feel that the individual must hold responsibility not only to the business partner but also to onefs self. We keep this concept in mind at all times, not only to be a respectable business person, but also a respectable human being.

Origin of the corporate logo


In Yokohama, you may sometimes come across the colorful flags hanging on the mast from passenger liners by Ohsan Bashi (South Pier) or over eNippon Maruf that is mooring in Minato-Mirai. These flags are called gSIGNAL FLAGSh and are used for exchanging message between the vessels. It had originated to be used as a common language in the big ocean where different languages, cultures and customs coexist.

Its origin dates back to the 17th century, but was only internationally standardized in 1857 by suggestion of the United Kingdom, the largest shipping country at the time. These flags not only represent alphabets, but also connote specific messages by combing 2 to 3 flags. Smooth communications can be achieved between the vessels, by using these signal flags.


Just like the SIGNAL FLAGS, we, SANYO wish to act as a tool for smooth communication across all borders and play an important role in your business.